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About Gemifly

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My name is Gabriel Majalca based in Phoenix, Arizona. My brand is Gemifly - designing exclusive crystal kicks for sneaker culture.

 The brand focuses on GEMIFLYING the HOTTEST SNEAKERS in the Game that includes Nike Air Jordan 1, Nike Air Force 1 and Nike Dunks.


We design & craft luxury Crystal Hype Shoes in 3 Tiers of Bling - fully covered, half covered, or just the swoosh.


The Gemifly ideal fashion customer is a modern 28-year-old influencer who exclusively wears trendy clothing & accessories. They are knowledgeable about sneaker culture, have an extroverted personality, and loves to stand out.


Gemifly customized designs are for trendsetters who are fashion forward and appreciate the creativity that crystal art can add to their unique sneaker collection!


Each pair of Gemifly Crystal Kicks is expertly hand-crafted, while using only the finest European crystals for a blinding effect!


Gemifly's signature GEM pattern is known to spellbind ideal fashion clients and even mesmerizes the most discerning sneaker-head.


With Gemifly’s commitment to community, the brand is proud to provide life-saving water daily to Arizona's more vulnerable. 

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