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Behold, one of the most advanced adhesives in the world.

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"The amount of science packed into one bottle is mind-blowing!"

Our Bedazzle Shoe Formula
contains the purest distilled ethyl-cyanoacrylate on the market. 

In the presence of moisture, ethyl-cyanoacrylate
(or ECA) will polymerize into a strong plastic bond of about 1,500lbs.

As long as there is a thin layer of moisture on your shoes, your crystal gems will fuse to the material within seconds. It's science!


The "Crystal Ratio" is the perfect drop of glue for whatever size gemstone you're trying to set.

To achieve the best bond, your glue drop should be exactly 1/2 the size of the gem aka The Crystal Ratio.

Next, apply slight pressure to the center of the stone. This allows the glue to spread out evenly in a circle. You don't want to see any glue coming out of the sides.

With cyanoacrylate, Less is More.

Remember, this is not an epoxy-based glue. You can't spread ECA like E6000. That's not how it works.

*Some material will soak-up ECA faster than it can polymerize. In this case, add a little more glue and press down longer until noticeably bonded. 


During the fusing process, a thin plume of vapor will likely "cloud" your crystals.

Once you've completed your project, you might notice that y
our crystal rhinestones have lost some of their brilliance.

To re-expose the shine of your crystal, dip a cotton swab or Q-tip into some acetone and wipe down your gems. Within seconds you will see the super crystal glimmer again.



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